Very Short Love Story


Exhibition 'In Gesprek - Reacties op collectiestukken', Museum Elburg

This plate from the collection of Museum Elburg was an ingenious system to communicate with the maid in the kitchen. The text 'meid haal kees' (meid get kees/cheese' appeared at the bottom of the plate when cheese ran out. Time for the maid to buy some cheese. Here is 'Kees' a dutch subform of 'cheese' (kaas) en was a pun with the dutch first name 'Kees', creating a mini love story in three words.

The text on the flag 'HE SPENTS ONE NIGHT AND LEAVES AGAIN' is the English translation of the word 'aqagunginnaapuq' in Inuktitut – the language of the Inuit in Canada. It's a poetic and enigmatic reference to the kitchen romance between 'Kees' en the maid. The text kan also be seen as a tribute to the birds who stay each year in the nests of the former monastery.

Photography plate: Museum Elburg