For visual artist Balta (Anne-marie Durand) born in France and living in the Netherlands, issues like mother tongue, manners, habits etc. can no longer be taken for granted. This personal perspective produces a new view of the self and of the world. Calling things differently means looking differently. Driven by a fascination with language, with cultural identity and its dynamics, balta creates works with various layers of meaning. Her work investigates factors which are playing a rol in cultural identity. To quote the French politician Laurent Fabius : " un Allemand, ce n'est pas un Fran├žais qui parle allemand" (A German is not a French who speaks german).

To make sensible the complexity of cultural identity, Balta uses as metaphor the way people are talking about the weather in different languages. No matter how different we are from each other, the weather is the same for everyone and we feel solidarity. Moreover, the 'talk about the weather' is a safe social ritual for having contact with known and unknown persons, whereby a mental public space is created.