Lucky apples in Vathorst

Apple tastery, Vario Mundo, Amersfoort

In the district of Vathorst (a Vinex location in the city of Amersfoort) several streets have been named after polders with female names: Cathalijnepolder, Clarapolder, Henricapolder, Louisapolder, Magdalenapolder, Sabinapolder, Suzannapolder, Paulinapolder, Vrouwenpolder [womens’ polder] and Damespolder [ladies’ polder]. As an homage to these unknown women, visitors of the manifestation ‘Kunstkavels [art parcels] 2007’ were given the opportunity to taste several apples, including ancient Dutch species and engraved ‘lucky apples’ with the inscription ‘Happiness for sale’ – the theme of these Art Parcels.
There are hundreds of apple species and many ancient Dutch apples have beautiful poetic names such as Lemoenappel, Bloemeezoet, Notarisappel, Rode Tulpappel, Zijden Hempje, Zigeunerin, Anna Boelens. Nowadays, however, supermarkets and greengrocers only sell a limited range of apple species.
The fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in Paradise has become synonymous to the apple – though it is never mentioned as such in the Bible.
The combination of female names and apples is an allusion that may appeal to the imagination.